A Magical Hollywood Adventure

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I’ve been a member of the Magic Castle for over 20 years, and love every minute of it. It’s always filled with friends, magic, and the cool classic Hollywood vibe the Castle is known for. On a recently visit, I started the evening sipping a Hendricks & Tonic in the Owl bar, with deck of […]

Tips on Hiring a Magician

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Hiring a magician is a great way to heighten the experience for your guests. Unlike other performing arts, magic has the unique ability to personally connect your audience to something amazing. But how do you know who to hire, and what are some things you should be looking for?  Here are some helpful tips…

The Magic of Volunteering

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A few times a year, I like to volunteer at our local afterschool program. Last week, I visited some junior high students to share some magic, talk a little about the history of magic, and teach them something simple they can work on. They seem to really like it…but the big secret is that I […]

London, Paris & Magic History

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In my latest trip to London and Paris to perform magic, I traveled to Paris to visit the Louvre. Seeing the Mona Lisa in person was an incredible rush—but that’s not the only work of art that caught my eye.Look closely at this painting, entitled The Cheat with the Ace of Diamonds, by French baroque […]

Announcing Center Stage

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Early in 2014, I had the pleasure of lecturing and performing at The Session just outside of London. The amazing team at Vanishing Inc. filmed it all, including my morning lecture, a special midnight lecture and 20-minute interview. Everything is captured on a new 2-DVD set. Center Stage features both close-up and parlor card magic. There are 14 effects in […]

One Degree Goes Worldwide

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In July 2010, I release One Degree, my first hardcover book. It covers original card magic, essays on branding and how to make you magic and performance better.  Little did I know the amazing response it would get. Not only is One Degree being being well-received by magicians across the world—About.com  highlighted it as the Best […]

Europe visit in 2014

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I’m very excited to lecture at The Session in Cheltenham, England January 11-12, 2014. This will be my first time back to the UK since 2009. At that time, my book One Degree was not published yet. During my new lecture, I’ll be sharing new material from One Degree, as well as from my follow-up […]