Magic Castle with Friends

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I’ve been a member of The Magic Castle over 20 years, and it was like coming home again when I visited this past Sunday night. I met up with two of my best friends in magic—Larry Wilmore and David Regal. 


The Castle lit up the hill as I pulled up to the valet. “Open Sesame” opened the sliding bookcase to reveal the Castle’s aura of old Hollywood and mystery.

John G headshot castle

It was an amazing night of sharing magic, conversation and new ideas. Larry showed some of of his original card sleights and news that he will be hosting the White House Correspondents Dinner.  David brought some deceiving ideas to life with his usual incredible presentations and stage presence. I presented some new ideas I’ve been playing with, including an update to my effect Ballet Stunner, and a brand new effect I call The Box Whisperer. A small crowd formed as the magic ensued.

Castle Christmas

One of the highlights was seeing Blake Vogt’s amazing show in the Parlour of Prestidigitation. Blake is authentic, charismatic, and creative as hell. Bravo!

Blake Vogt

We also enjoyed some session time in the Castle library, taking turns showing our favorite card effects. What a dream come true to see my book One Degree among the history that fills the library walls.

one degree 2

And what would a night at the Castle be like without enjoying a bowl of their traditional chili at the bar – along with some spiked root beer.

Nights like these are what magic is all about!