A Magical Hollywood Adventure

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I’ve been a member of the Magic Castle for over 20 years, and love every minute of it. It’s always filled with friends, magic, and the cool classic Hollywood vibe the Castle is known for.

On a recently visit, I started the evening sipping a Hendricks & Tonic in the Owl bar, with deck of cards in hand and my new book I brought for my buddy Matt. After seeing Matt Vizio’s parlour show, I had a blast showing some friends and various guests some card magic.

It was great to see Jack Goldfinger again, the Castle’s Entertainment Director an all-around great guy. I showed him some new card stuff at the Vernon table. We also chatted about having me lecture at the Castle in the coming months. Very exciting indeed.

Celebrity alert! Mad Men star Christina Hendricks was also at the Castle with her husband and a few other guests. As I chatted with friends back in the Owl bar where I’d started my evening, who should walk up is Christina and her guests. Quite an omen that Christina Hendricks would take the same seat where I had enjoyed a Hendricks & Tonic just hours earlier. We had a wonderful conversation and I performed a close-up show for them. What a great time! They really enjoy the magic and it was such a pleasure to enrich their experience at the Castle. That’s what it’s all about.

Driving home from the Castle, it reminded me of what a special place the Castle is, not only for magician members, but for thousands of guests who will likely only go once in their lives. What an incredible opportunity to be part of this, especially as the Magic Castle celebrates it’s 50th anniversary! 

There was a time I used to go to the Castle every single Wednesday night (this was a decade ago). Last Sunday reminded me that the magic is just as strong as ever. What a great way to end 2012 – and I look forward to more magical adventures at the Magic Castle in 2013.