Tips on Hiring a Magician

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Hiring a magician is a great way to heighten the experience for your guests. Unlike other performing arts, magic has the unique ability to personally connect your audience to something amazing. But how do you know who to hire, and what are some things you should be looking for?  Here are some helpful tips…

It’s important to hire a magician that fits the style of your event and ensures that your guests have an enjoyable time. You wouldn’t hire a kid’s magician for a black tie event, nor would you hire a grunge street magician for a wedding. You want a performer who will confidently stroll the room and interact with your guests, but not detract from the purpose of your event or your guest(s) of honor. It’s about finding the right blend of class, humor, and of course, astonishing magic! Do your research, explore websites and photo galleries, and read testimonials to ensure that the magician’s style will elevate your event.

Hiring a magician has a direct impact on your guests’ experience. The last thing you want to do is book a “magician” who has little experience in performing. Good questions to ask when considering a magician are: How long have you been performing? What can I expect my guests to see? Tell me about your last performance? In addition to the answers to these questions, listen for how they are delivered. Is the magician articulate, professional, informative and passionate? These are all important qualities.

Entertainment Value
Magic involves much more than props and tricks. Above all, it’s about interacting with people in an entertaining way. How they interact with you prior to planning the event is a good indication of their persona. Ensure that the magician you hire has a keen sense of entertainment value and what it takes to make your guests feel comfortable, captivated and entertained.

Best Time for Magic
One of the best ways to add magic to your event is to have a magician perform strolling magic. This brings the magic directly to your guests wherever they are. It does not add extra time to your agenda, but rather enriches the experience the guests are already having. Strolling magic works perfectly  during the social hour prior to the main event, after a wedding ceremony, before or after dinner is served at various types of events (fundraisers, corporate functions, holiday parties, etc.). And, perhaps the magician can weave product highlights or cause messaging into the performance. A good magician will help you determine the best way to integrate magic into your event.

The cost of hiring a magician can range anywhere from about $250/hr. to over $1,000. It’s commensurate to the type of event, hours, location, and the experience of the magician. Like many things, it’s true that you get what you pay for. Determine your entertainment budget and have dialogue with the magician to be clear on what you are receiving for your investment.

Promote the Magic
Magic does not have to be something sprung on your guests as they arrive. You can weave it into the promotion of your event to heighten interest leading up to your event.  Perhaps your invitations can promote the event as “Magic at The Manor” or “An Evening of Wine & Magic!” You can also let them know in a more subtle way by adding a line that says, “Strolling Magician from The Magic Castle will be performing.” Get creative in how you want to weave the magic into your event promotion.