Magic of One Degree

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Magic is something I’ve loved ever since I was a kid. Being an only child with a single mom, I’ve always gravitated toward creative outlets such as magic. And my mom continues to be a test audience for every new trick I create. As a kid, I remember my mom taking me to the Magic Castle. I never dreamed then that I would one day become a member and performer there.

In 2010, I put my thoughts on magic into a 140-page book called ONE DEGREE. Beyond containing secrets of magic, it contains secrets on branding, audience connection, and the “one degree” philosophy where small refinements can create massive impact. While ONE DEGREE has gone on to be published in four languages across the world, there is one place it sits that I am most proud…on my mom’s bookshelf.

I believe magic is much more than just finding a card or deceiving the senses. It’s about connecting with people. Whether performing for one or one-hundred, I strive to draw my audiences into the thrilling feeling that anything is possible. That is the true power of magic!