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second-stormSecond Storm continues John’s brand of close-up magic; that is, strong, creative, practical and entertaining-ideal for strolling and formal close-up venues. John has earned the praise of magicians worldwide for his original ideas and effects. As Jon Racherbaumer puts it, “Second Storm demonstrates John’s unique ability to transform effects into ‘extraordinary moments.'”

Second Storm includes never-before-seen card and non-card effects, as well as new twists from John’s 2005 lecture notes. Also on this series are John’s exclusive Brainstorm Breaks, where he shares additional ideas designed to spur your creativity.

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What’s Inside


1. Quick Draw
Here’s a great visual opener using nothing more than a pencil and finger ring. It features John’s unique Ring Load and Drop Link.

2. Tricycle Cards
Four “baby jokers” become all grown up in this charming packet trick. Learn how to make the clever gaff in minutes.

3. Teeter Totter Aces
The spectators help find the four Aces with the push of their fingers. No table necessary; great for strolling.

4. Famous Aces
John reveals his stunning Ace assembly, where the Aces completely vanish from their packets and reunite inside the card box. This is the one all the magicians are talking about!

5. Jokers To Go
Two Jokers inside the card box change places with the spectator’s card.

6. Remote Possibilities
A 52-on-1 card is used as a TV remote to locate the spectator’s selection. A clever take on the ambitious card plot, with a surprise finish.

7. Fair Trade
The four Aces demonstrate their mind-reading ability, then transpose with the four Kings.

8. QuickPocket
The signed Kings are placed in four different pockets, then instantly change places with the spectator’s signed Aces. Two variations included.

9. The Eerie Truth
A random card is selected using few rolls of the dice. After showing that your written prediction matches the selected card, you reveal the eerie truth that the trick never happened!

10. Vino Aces
A spectacular presentation piece based on the classic “MacDonald’s Aces.” Perfect for both close-up and parlor settings.

Brainstorm Breaks – Bonus ideas and effects

Cigarette Pack to Cards
A quick, visual opener where a pack of cigarettes instantly transforms into a deck of cards.

The Stress Test
An ingenious card revelation using a stress test card.

Trans-Pocket Switch
Show a card in your pocket before it’s actually there. This simple, yet deceptive switch has several clever applications.

1. East Meets West
A half-dollar and Chinese coin repeatedly travel and change places in this multi-phase coin routine.

2. Optical Opener
The spectator finds the only printed card in a completely blank deck. But just like an optical illusion, things aren’t always what they seem.

3. Here, There, Everywhere
The spectator’s card is seen in several places at the same time, finally appearing in a mysterious location.

4. Collectors With A Twist
The spectator slowly cuts the four Aces into the deck. First they turn face-up, then they capture three selected cards. A great twist on a classic effect.

5. Constellation
The spectator marks dots on your business card, which VISUALLY reposition themselves to reveal a selected card. A wonderful close-up illusion.

6. The Masterpiece
The magician tells a story about four artists and a blank canvas in this imaginative packet effect, which utilizes Peter Eggink’s “Ace Oddity” card.

7. Googly Eyes
The spectator finds her card by doing a Google search with the deck. A novel spelling effect with a surprise kicker.

8. Turning The Tables
The spectator plays the role of magician and finds the four Jacks without a clue how it was done! This novel presentation builds to a spectacular finish.

9. Ultimate Fate II
In this extension of Aldo Colombini’s “Contact Colors,” the spectator plays the lottery by placing her dollar in the deck. Her luck keeps on riding to a million-dollar ending!

Brainstorm Breaks – Bonus ideas and effects

Cookie’s Fortune
Learn John’s clever method for pre-loading a bill in a fortune cookie.

Matchbook Transpo
A quick in-the-hands transposition of two matchbooks.

Fortune Flash
A clever way to turn your flash paper into a logical and visually-interesting prop.


VIDEO – Famous Aces from volume 1 of Second Storm