RSG eBook

READY, SET, GuastaferrO (RSG): An all-new collection of magic from John Guastaferro with 12 professional card effects, plus additional tips, ideas and variations.

RSG continues the one-degree philosophy I introduced in my previous book One Degree, where small changes can yield massive impact. Even “Mr. E” makes an appearance with the  newly-added effect Mr. E. Returns.

Five chapters span openers, middle effects and closers. These are real world card effects I use in my own work. They have proven to be strong, memorable and entertaining.

12 effects, 60 pages, 13,000 words and 35 color photos

Price: $19.95 (PDF download link emailed to you)

“A great collection of card magic that has the Guastaferro stamp of simplicity, structure and surprise.”

– David Regal




1. Invisible Opener – In a game of pretend, imaginary items appear from nowhere, including poker chips, a deck of cards and rubberbands.

2. RWB – The deck changes from red to blue. And in a bit of American patriotism, even the faces vanish for a moment, giving you a complete “red, white, and blue” change.


3. Mr. E. Returns – A card that is used as a magic wand throughout the effect ends up being the signed selection.

4. Spectral – A freely selected card vanishes and reappears in a most mysterious way.

5. Centerfold  – A card is predicted, then travels inside a folded note card.

6. Twist of Fate – Using three cards, the future is predicted, then altered.


7. Bound to Triumph– A topsy-turvy shuffled deck that is wrapped with a rubberband manages to unshuffle itself, even while in a spectator’s hands.

8. Untouchable – The audience openly shuffles and cuts the deck with a mixture of cards face up and face down. Without intervention from the performer, the cards straighten themselves.


9. Inside and Out – One selection jumps inside the box; another melts through the box.

10. Triple Pocket Discovery – A pocketed card melts up through the fabric; another card melts into the pocket; and the last card is found using the penetrating power of the mind.


11. Assembly Line – Four audience members each hold a quarter of the deck with a Jack lost in the middle of each, yet all four Jacks assemble on top of one packet.

12. Pickpocket Aces – After the Aces are lost in the deck, one is found in your pocket, two are found in your spectator’s pocket, and the final one stands alone after the entire deck vanishes.