Announcing Picturesque by John Guastaferro & David Regal. 

This collaborative project focuses on the classic McDonald’s Ace Assembly and so much more. This classic routine is elevated by using the twelve PICTURE cards with the Aces. We don’t often think about the significance or rationale for 12 cards with the Aces. Using court cards is a “one degree” leap that adds distinctive elegance, clarity, and beauty.

Among the three routines is John’s signature closer “Vino Aces Royale,” elevated even further with the supplied cards. You’ll also learn a dozen innovative card moves and important performance tips, taught in over an hour of detailed instruction and dialogue between David and John.

Included with the package is:

  • All of the cards you need (21 of them) to perform three different routines out of the box
  • A gorgeous wallet with elastic band and protective lining to hold and present your cards
  • Over 60 minutes of instruction, history, and performance tips
  • A dozen innovative card moves/switches to learn and explore
  • A deluxe magnetic enclosure box with two internal compartments


Picturesque ClassicThis handling of the McDonald’s Ace Assembly is beautiful, fooling, and in a word; Picturesque. John has reworked the classic routine into a masterpiece that incorporates the twelve court cards with the Aces. The switches, displays, and counts are all motivated and choreographed into a beautifully strong routine.

Vino Royale: A reputation-making parlor version of the Picturesque effect using wine glasses where the magic happens with the clink of a glass. John closes his shows at the Magic Castle with this beautiful routine. Since the cards are upright in goblets, it plays to the entire room.

Royal Gathering: David Regal’s approach to Picturesque where not only do the aces assemble, but the court cards also gather into their own discrete packets even though they have been thoroughly mixed.


Picturesque (USA): 

    • Signed by John
    • $39.95 (+ $7.95 shipping)

Picturesque (Canada/International): 

    • Signed by John
    • $39.95 (+ $25 international shipping)


  • “Picturesque is magnifique!”Larry Wilmore
  • “A superb routine. Clear, concise, baffling.”Raj Madhok
  • “Such a significant leap in overall clarity. The ‘one degree’ here truly is GOLD !”Shannon Clark
  • “Picturesque delivers sublime, symmetrical satisfaction.”Jack Carpenter