At The Table Lecture

In this “At the Table” Live Lecture, you’ll learn 14 extremely creative and stunning effects. This lecture features an extensive 2 hours and 30 minutes of magic. All of the tricks taught can fit in your pocket, focusing on four items: a deck of cards, a straw, a wallet, and piece of string.I also speak extensively about the “one degree” approach with advice and ideas to take your magic to the next level.

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In the Doghouse – Two Jokers and a selection transpose

Club Daley – A sandwich effect using two selections

Ballet Cut – John’s versatile in-the-hands false cut/flourish

Proximity Peek Control – Learn the identify and position of peeked card

Twenty – A commercial blackjack and poker effect with a mental twist

Little White Lies – A fooling packet effect with an ending no one sees coming

Spectral – A selection mysteriously disappears, then reappears

Zen Bend – An impromptu bending straw effect

Ring & String – Two great moves using a ring ans string

Stress Test – A visual card revelation using a stress test card (included free)

Tailspin – An impromptu twisting effect with some new added touches

Hide & Seek – A very clean pocket interchange effect

Multi-Mental – John’s signature multiple selection routine