Wonder, Charm, and Stunning Sleight of Hand

John Guastaferro is a world-class magician and musician in Orange County and has entertained thousands across 11 countries. You‘ll often find John wowing crowds at the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood or entertaining guests with jazz and flamenco guitar.

Guastaferro Regal Wilmore magic

Performing at The Magic Caste

Catch John Guastaferro, David Regal, and Larry Wilmore at The Magic Castle June 17-23, 2024. We will be performing close-up magic nightly. It’s going to be an epic week.

New CD available

John’s new album TIDES is now available as a limited edition and signed CD. This album of features 11 news tracks that weave Spanish, Flamenco, and Jazz. Order your signed CD, $20 with free shipping (US only)

John’s TEDx Talk

In October 2022, John delivered was a featured speaker at TEDxIthacaCollege. In his talk “Wonder Is One Degree Away,” John shares how anyone can bring wonder to daily life through simple one-degree shifts. Watch on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BboGIzw3rJA

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Magic, Music, and More!

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LARRY WILMORE Writer/Producer, Universal Television
“John G. is simply one of the best! His magic is elegant and he always delivers smiles and surprises!”
SARA ALBIACH Branding Strategist, Casanova McCann
“John is an amazing magician, musician, and speaker who truly connects people to the extraordinary. And he plays a mean Spanish guitar. Amazing!”
DAVID REGAL Television Writer and Author
“Few magicians are so gifted that they leave the patina of their ingenuity on everything they touch—John Guastaferro is one of them. He is a cut above!”
JACK CARPENTER Magic Creative and Technical Expert
“John is undeniably one of the best minds in magic today.”


Whether performing magic, music , or both—John Guastaferro will make it extraordinary!

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