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JOHN GUASTAFERRO. World-Class Magic and Guitar.

John Guastaferro is a world-class magician and musician, entertaining thousands across 11 countries. Whether wowing crowds with stunning magic or captivating their senses with jazz and Flamenco guitar, John brings wonder to life. This is live entertainment at its best.


Live entertainment at its best


Wit. Charm. Stunning sleight-of-hand. This is the magic of John Guastaferro. Whether performing close-up strolling magic or an interactive stand-up show, John will entertain your guests with magic that is both artistic and mind-blowing. Read more >


Beyond magic, John is also a guitarist with several top-rated albums on Apple Music and Spotify. Add live music to your next event by having John play a captivating blend of Jazz, Flamenco and Spanish guitar. Read more >


The magic and music of John Guastaferro

Roaring Applause!

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LARRY WILMORE Writer/Producer, Universal Television
“John Guastaferro is truly one of the best! His magic is always elegant, surprising, and thoroughly entertaining.”
SARA ALBIACH Branding Strategist, Casanova McCann
“John is an amazing magician, musician, and speaker who truly connects people to the extraordinary. And he plays a mean Spanish guitar. Amazing!”
RICH DUTCH Board Chair, Olive Crest
“John’s rare talent and musical skills kept everyone captivated at our recent Safe Families for Children Gala event. His guitar music created the perfect atmosphere for our 275 guests.”
DAVID REGAL Television Writer and Author
“Few magicians are so gifted that they leave the patina of their ingenuity on everything they touch—John Guastaferro is one of them. He is a cut above!”

World-Class Magic

From the the world-famous Magic Castle to countries around the world, John’s magic is world class…

Magic Across the World

I’ve shared magic with thousands of people across the world, including France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Peru, and Northern Ireland…

Live Music to Captivate Guests

Beyond magic, I have been playing guitar and composing music for over 30 years. My music captivates guests through Spanish, Flamenco, and Jazz influences…

Read More


Live entertainment at its best

Make Your Next Event Amazing