Book John to make an appearance at your next event. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, party, or celebration of any kind, John will make it unique and memorable.


Sleight-of-hand at its best. John will mingle from group to group as he performs interactive close-up miracles right under your nose. Using playing cards, coins, and other items of intrigue, John will amaze your guests with an entertaining blend of wit, charm, and stunning magic. It’s both personal and powerful. Perfect for weddings, corporate events, receptions, or similar functions. John brings 20+ years of experience in performing and connecting with people. One hour: $400. Two hours: $600.


Parlour magic is ideal for events where you’d like all of your guests to enjoy a 30-45 minute show from the comfort of their seats, whether your living room or showroom. Using playing cards, wine glasses, music, and audience participation, John will create a miniature theatre performance. John can integrate messaging about your event, product, or guest of honor if you'd like. Shows starting at $475.


Many events can benefit from having a variety of magical experiences for your guests, such as strolling magic for the reception, followed by a small stage show or emcee entertainment for the entire room. John will help you decide how to best add magic to your event so it is affordable, incredible, and memorable! Packages start at $750.